• Our Training: Solid and Gentle

  • Our Training: Solid and Gentle

About the Ramsbrock Stable

Grand Prix, Champion Stallion, Premium Stallions and State Premium Mares

Numerous international careers were started at Stall Ramsbrock. The very solid but gentle training provides the basis for a successful career.

The result of the training at the Stall Ramsbrock is horses that are very easy to ride, happy, motivated horses that make good prospects for international competitions – but also for ambitious riders who ride for recreation.

A great number of riders, even from abroad, often take advantage of the expert know-how in training to stay and train with their showjumpers or the dressage horse that they have acquired at Stall Ramsbrock. The extensive premises of the Stall Ramsbrock in Menslage also offer a number of ideal options for training.

Stall Ramsbrock takes pride in the nationally and internationally successfully horses; Grand Prix results, Champion Stallion, Premium Stallions, State Premium Mares and more…

  • Olympic horse: Cornet Obolensky
  • Breeding line founder; Fürst Heinrich
  • Olympic horse: Countdown
  • 2-times Bundeschampion: Escolar
  • Oldenburger Landeschampion: Sir Heinrich
  • Internationally acclaimed: Shooting Star Charity (Judy Ann Melchior)
  • Upcoming GP prospect: Colestus
  • Series champion: Cornet’s Christallo
  • Hannovarian Champion: Lord Fauntleroy
  • Bundeschampioness: Doris Day

Our Trainers

Hermann Burger

  • Pferdewirtschaftsmeister
  • Multiple times National Championships winner
  • Succesful up to Grand Prix

Hermann Burger – working at Ramsbrock stables since 1997 – also is responsible for the training and presentation of the dressage horses. Hermann not only knows how to motivate the youngsters from the saddle: as well as a presenter on stallions licensing- and mareshows he understands to present the horses always optimal.

David Leßnig

  • Pferdewirtschaftsmeister mit Stensbeck
  • Succesful up to Grand Prix

David Lessnig joined Ramsbrock Stable in 2010 and reached here in 2011 his apprenticeship with Stensbeck.
Since then, he is responsible for training and tournament of the dressage horses. Numerous Victories and Placements of young horse tests up to Grand Prix are reflected in his work as a trainer and as a presenter of the stallions and mares to breed surveys.

In the beginning of 2014, he completed his master’s examination with Stensbeck.

Massimo De Boeck

  • Pferdewirt Schwerpunkt Reiten mit Stensbeck
  • Succesful up to Show Jumping at S**

Born in Belgium, Massimo De Boeck has been in the Ramsbrock stable since 2009, finishing his apprenticeship with Stensbeck in 2011. He is responsible for the training of the young jumpers to the point of sale and tournament presentation. He has numerous successes from show jumping to show jumping in the S-classes.

 Nicole Keeve

  • Pferdewirtin Schwerpunkt Zucht und Haltung

Nicole Keeve, also known as Nicki, has been with us at the Ramsbrock Stables since 2002 and completed her apprenticeship here in 2005 as a Pferdewirtin Zucht und Haltung. Since then she looks after our broodmares and their foals with great passion and expertise. Caring expertly for the coverings, foals and rearing. In the breeding season, she supports the team in preparing and bringing out the stallions.